What Is OSA?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common sleep disorder where the upper airway becomes partially or completely blocked during sleep, leading to recurring interruptions in breathing.

This occurs when throat muscles and soft tissues relax excessively, causing the airway to collapse or narrow. When this happens, patients might have short moments when they don't breathe, which can lower oxygen levels and wake them up briefly.

This disrupted sleep can lead to daytime fatigue and can also cause health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems. The good news is that oral appliance therapy can help patients sleep better and improve their overall health.

What Are My Oral Appliance Therapy Options?

Many dental sleep appliances are available, but it's crucial that they are FDA approved for safety and effectiveness.

SomnoDent Avant™

Serena Elevate

ProSomnus EVO

Benefits of Oral Appliances

Custom-fabricated and highly effective
Quiet, comfortable, and non-invasive
Portable and travel-friendly
No ongoing supply costs or maintenance

The Sleep Well Denver Process

From Step 1 to Step 3, we can get you
into treatment in just a month


Step 1

Your path to better sleep begins with a thorough consultation, which can be done virtually or in our office. During this consultation, Dr. Deol will discuss different appliance options and review your previous sleep study results.

Exam and Digital Impression

Step 2

Next, you'll visit our office in-person for a comprehensive exam. Dr. Deol will perform a dental exam and assess your temporomandibular joint health.

After the exam, she'll take a digital impression and send the required information to the lab before you even leave the office. The lab will use this data to create your personalized oral appliance.

Delivery and Results

Step 3

Then, you'll visit our office to receive your custom-fitted oral appliance. We'll make any adjustments needed to make sure it's comfortable and fits you perfectly. Dr. Deol will also walk you through how to adjust the treatment appliance over the next month. This phase is exciting because you'll likely notice a decrease in snoring within the first few nights. You might even start feeling better as early as the first night.


Step 4

Around a month after receiving the device, Dr. Deol will arrange an in-person or virtual appointment with you. During this visit, she will ensure that your primary symptoms are improving, assess the effectiveness of the treatment, and may consider conducting a repeat sleep study if necessary.

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When Amit's wife needed a solution to his disruptive snoring, he turned to oral appliance therapy. Not only did it resolve his snoring, but it also helped protect his teeth from nighttime grinding! Here he tells us about his experience with oral appliance therapy and the treatment he received from Dr. Deol!

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When Bob found himself (and his wife) suffering from the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, he wasn't interested in CPAP and hoped to find an alternative treatment. Here he tells us about his experience with oral appliance therapy and the treatment he received from Dr. Deol!

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Daniel struggled with obstructive sleep apnea and didn't like using a CPAP machine. He then met Dr. Deol, who made the process of finding a solution very easy. Daniel got an oral appliance, and from the first night, he stopped snoring and has been enjoying snore-free nights ever since.


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